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Aims Of The Club


The Club is non-competitive, but a spirit of attainment and achievement is encouraged. The reason for this is that the Club has a full programme for teaching not only swimming but Water-Survival, Watermanship Skills, Diving and Life-Saving. In short:- Swim, Survive, Save.


We want all of our members to be able to look after themselves in the event of an emergency. To this end the Club has an extensive Programme for teaching Beginners how to swim, and on to the experienced swimmers taking their Gold Badges and even National Rescue Standard and Student Awards.


Subscriptions And Fees


When you and your child/ren become members of our Club you will be asked to pay a one-off payment (subscription), of £15, for which your child/ren will receive their personal Club wallet with Membership Card and Club Badge and also a Swim-Hat and a Rubber Band each which they must wear in the water at all times. In addition to the Subscription, you will be asked to pay a monthly fee, of £9. This must be paid even if your child/ren is/are on holiday. We have to pay for the hire of the Pool at all times. All fees and subscriptions are reviewed and prescribed by the Club Committee. There is a possibility that the Leisure Centre may ask you for an entrance fee as well. If you need more information please ask our staff at our Club desk.


Age Limits And Disabilities Etc


Our child members range from 5 years to 16 years of age, or when the Club feels that they have reached their full potential. However, children over the age of 13 years are considered too mature to be placed on our waiting list and may be referred to having adult classes. ALL children are welcome. (Please read our “Club Equity Policy Statement.”). We do ask however that parents/guardians inform us of any medical or physical problem your child/ren may have. For example Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, Deafness etc. This information is purely for the safety of your child/ren, in the Pool, and is kept in the strictest confidence. Regular attendance is expected. This is to aid your child/ren’s swimming development. Four consecutive  absences without notification to us will result in the loss of a Club place. Please remember, there are others on our waiting list.


Safety On The Poolside


The Club considers the Safety of all its Members as PARAMOUNT. Therefore the Club takes the following measures to ensure that this is so.


Risk Assessment


The Club conducts a Risk Assessment every Friday of the Changing Rooms, Toilets, Viewing Gallery and the Swimming Pool (The Pool Area). Any problems are reported to the Centre’s Duty Officer.


Separation Of Groups With Ropes


The Pool is divided and roped off into five Groups:- White (Beginners in the Learner Pool.), Green, Yellow, Blue and Red. Children are taught in these Groups in 25 minute sessions between 6.05p.m. and 7.20p.m, apart from white group that has 25 minute sessions between 6.05pm and 7.45pm. On the first Friday of each month the Main Pool is divided into four Lanes. This is to improve the Swimming Technique of the children and to build their Stamina. At 7.20p.m. the Main Pool is divided into six Lanes ready for the Black Groups (Advanced Swimmers.) to start their lessons. There are two Swimming Periods in the Black Groups:- 7.20p.m. to 7.55p.m. and 7.55p.m. to 8.30p.m. Each and every Group have several Badges to work for. Swimming, Watermanship, Life-saving etc. One Badge is worked on at a time. If they pass their Test they progress to the next Badge or even into the next Group. The children earn their Badges which are distinctive and colourful. They also receive a very distinctive Certificate which describes what your child has to do to earn their awards. The Club’s Paramount concern is the Safety of your child/ren in and around the Pool, so we only allow children to progress into their next Group when we know it is safe for them to do so.


Rubber Bands


Coloured Rubber Bands are given to the children to wear, either on their wrist or ankle, so that the Teachers can recognise which Groups they belong to. These Bands must be worn at all times whilst the child is on the Poolside and in the water. The colours of these Bands are White, Green, Yellow, Blue and Red. Each colour denotes which Group the child belongs to. White Band = Non-swimmer (Must be in the Learner Pool.), Green Band = Novice, Etc. The “Black Groups”, who swim after 7.20p.m., have different coloured Bands which also must be worn at all times. A child who has a Disability such as Asthma, Epilepsy, Deafness, Poor Eyesight etc. must wear a Black Band in addition to their Group Band. This is to ensure that the Teacher is aware of the child’s Disability and can take the proper action whenever needed.


Parents and Guardians


To help make sure that all our Club Members are Safe, the Committee asks all Parents and Guardians to abide by the following Rules.

  1. When using the Changing Rooms please use the cubicles then lock clothing inside the Lockers provided.
  2. They are operated by a returnable Pound coin. Doing this can prevent your Property being stolen or vandalised.
  3. All children must wear Swim-hats especially if they have long hair. This is a Safety factor and must be adhered to. No Hat - No Swim.
  4. All children must wear an appropriate Rubber Band. If a Rubber Band is lost it must be replaced before they can swim. No Band - No Swim.
  5. All jewellery and watches must be removed before entering the Pool area. Ear studs may be worn. Belly Piercings must be covered by tape beneath the swimming costume.
  6. Girls must wear One-Piece Costumes in the Pool. Two-Piece Costumes such as Bikinis and Tankinies will not be allowed for safety reasons.
  7. Boys must wear Swimming Trunks or very short Shorts. Knee-length (Bermuda) Shorts will not be allowed as they cause drag and can slow a boy’s progress in swimming.
  8. Parents and Guardians must not attempt to speak to, or distract, the Teachers while they are conducting a lesson with their classes. If a Teacher is distracted from their class a child could get into difficulties, and this child could be yours. The Teacher must be allowed to teach their class without any interruption whatsoever, thereby the children stay safe and also have a full lesson.
  9. If your child is wearing either a swimming costume or a pair of swimming trunks do not allow them to go outside the Pool area or outside the Changing Rooms into either the Spectators’ Gallery or the Reception Area. Obviously this is for their own safety.
  10. The Club will not tolerate any Fighting or Bullying. This behavior will lead to instant removal from the Club Membership and possible Police action. If your child is a victim to any Bullying or Fighting you must report the incident either to a member of our staff or to the Centre’s Duty Officer.
  11. The use of Cameras, Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Mobile Phones, Etc. for photographing and/or filming in the Pool Area (Swimming Pool, Etc.) is strictly forbidden. The Police may be called in to deal with any related incident. This is part of our “Child Protection Policy” to keep children safe
  12. If you see anybody who appears to be loitering tell a Member of our Staff or the Centre’s Duty Officer.

Hygiene On The Poolside


In the interests of Hygiene we ask you the Parents and Guardians to observe the following Rules of Hygiene.

  1. Children must use the Toilets before they start their lesson. This can save any embarrassment for them.
  2. Children must use an Handkerchief before they start their lesson. (Blow noses).
  3. Children must have a Shower before they start their lesson. Because this will remove perspiration that can effect the Chemical balance in the water.
  4. Outdoor shoes must never be worn on the Poolside.
  5. Children, and/or their Parents/Guardians must tell their Teacher if they, the children, have an infection such as Veruccae, Athletes Foot, Colds, Coughs, Sores, Ear Infections, Bleeding Cuts, Abrasions, Tummy Upsets, Etc. The child will not be allowed to swim with any of these conditions.

All the above Rules are to be found in our leaflet Barbarian Swimmers‘ “Rules and Guidelines.” For health and safety reasons the Committee recommends all of our Members to read this leaflet which will explain why The Club needs them. Ask to see the copy at the Club desk, or ask for your own copy.


Fire Alarms


As and when the Fire Alarms are activated the following action must be taken. If you and your child/ren are in the Changing Rooms then proceed immediately out to the Assembly Area at the extreme northeast end of the Car Park. If you are in the Spectators’ Gallery stay where you are until called. Your child/ren will be called to the Gallery side of the Pool by the Teachers with whistles and by word of mouth. You will then be asked to join them. Everybody then must wait for instructions from the Centre’s Staff as to which Fire Exit must be used to evacuate the Building. All then must proceed to the Assembly Area where the Register will be called. If the fire is in the Pool Area then immediate Evacuation takes place.
This applies also to Bomb Scares, Structure Failure and Escaping Fumes


Running The Club


The Club is run by a Committee, which is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting. The Chairperson is elected, as are all the other Club Officers and Committee Members. None of the Officers are paid. All Committee Members and Officers are volunteers, and they consist of Members who are Teachers, Parents, Guardians and Students who have the welfare of the Club at heart. You, as a Member of our Club can, if you wish, become a Committee Member and help in the running of the Club. New ideas are always welcome. The Club does have a written Constitution and a copy can be obtained at our desk for you to read. Committee Meetings are held every six weeks so that the Committee can keep the progress of the Club flowing in a positive direction and solve any problems that may arise. If any problem of an urgent nature does arise then the Committee will deal with it straight away. So if you do have any problems that need to be dealt with, do not hesitate to tell a Committee Member.


Child Abuse


Child Abuse is a Criminal Offence. If any Club Member is concerned about a child who shows signs of being abused, sees a child being abused, or the child reports that they have been abused, they must, without fear of recrimination, report the Offence to one of our Child Protection Officers, or, if they are not available, to the Social Services or the Police. Cases of Child Abuse must always be referred to the appropriate Services. The Barbarian Swimmers’ Club cannot and must not undertake the investigation. Please read the Club’s “Club Equity Policy Statement” and also “Rules and Guidelines“. The names of the Club’s Child Protection Officers are shown on the Club’s Information Board.




As well as the children, Teachers form a very important part of our Club. In fact without them the Club could not function. All the Teachers, without exception, have qualifications in one form or another. The very Shirt they wear on the Poolside can tell you what qualifications they have achieved. The following will show you what the Shirt colours mean.

Purple T-bag shirt- Higher Teachers’ Certificate + STC(F)+ STC(B) + NaRS(PH)

Red T-bag shirt - Swimming Teachers’ Certificate (Full) + STC(B) + NaRS(PH)

Green T-bag shirt- Swimming Teachers’ Certificate (Beginners) + NaRS(PH)

Yellow T-bag shirt - Student with Swimming Teachers’ Association Student Award + Na.R.S. (Bronze Cross.) and/or Barbarian Student Award.

White Tee-shirt - Probationary Student - With some training and under supervision. In the water with beginners.

The Na.R.S.(P.H.) is the Life-saving qualification that all Teachers must have. As well as the S.T.A. the Club does recognise the A.S.A. and the R.L.S.S. and their qualifications. A few of our Teachers have specialised in such subjects as Life-saving etc. All the T-bag shirted Teachers have undergone intensive training. Indeed they must, or else they would not be able to teach on the Poolside. Each Teacher must maintain a high standard of teaching and life-saving in order to teach your child/ren. Every two years our Teachers voluntarily go on Life-saving Courses in order to keep up to date with new ideas and directives. All Teachers are volunteers and give their services to the club freely. Not one of our Teachers is paid for their services. This does keep the cost of admission of swimming to a minimum. Quite a few of our Teachers do hold good teaching positions in various schools in the area, as well as giving freely of their time to the Club.

Several times a year we run Teaching Courses for candidates who wish to become Teachers, or wish to extend their knowledge in the teaching of swimming. The regular Courses are the Swimming Teachers’ Certificate (Beginners), Swimming Teachers’ Certificate (Full) and the National Rescue Standard (Poolside Helper). Several of our Teachers are qualified Course Tutor/Examiners so we are able to run Courses locally, which is a great advantage to all of us. Most of our Teachers came into the Club with no qualifications at all, but they became interested, and then participated in our Courses and became qualified Teachers. If you are interested in becoming a Teacher, why not contact either the Chairperson or the Club’s Training Officer and ask for more details. Notices of future Courses are normally posted on the Club’s Notice Board so keep an eye on it. For your child/ren’s safety and for your peace of mind all the Teachers are Policed checked with the Criminal Records Bureau. This also applies to our Admin Staff and Helpers.


Admin Staff And Helpers


These people are another important group within the Club. They wear Polo-shirts for identification. Their colours are as follows:-

Green Polo-shirt- The Staff who administer the every -day affairs of the Club. i.e. Register the Children, Membership,Certificates and Badges et

Blue Polo-shirt - - - - The Staff who look after the Changing Area.

The Club hopes that the information given above will be of some use to you, whether you are bringing your child/ren to the Club for swimming lessons or helping in some way in running the Club. There are other documents that give more details on how the Club is operated and they are listed as follows:-

  • Club Equity Policy Statement.
  • Club Constitution.
  • Rules and Guidelines incorporating Normal Operational Procedures and
  • Emergency Action Plan.

If you wish to read any of the above documents then please ask for them at our desk or contact us through the website

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