Barbarian Olympics

The Barbarian Olympics is a great annual event that brings the whole club together. Unbelievably it has been running since 2005 with the upmost success and this year will be no exception.


It consists of the all the members from green to black groups divided into the different countries they will represent. This could be Great Britain, China, USA and many more!


The children swim in 1 hour sessions and those advanced swimmers who attend lessons after 7.20pm are placed in the 7.15pm till 8.15pm event with the student teachers. This is always a very amusing hour and many children and parents stay to watch and cheer on their favourite teachers.


There are numerous events including some of the notorious old favourites such as the ‘Rubber Ring Race’. Each event ends with an award ceremony and prizes for the winning country. It is an extremely fun event that encourages the integration of all the members of the club and many of the students look forward to it all year round.


The white groups have their own ‘Mini Barbarians Olympics’, with various tasks and challenges in the shallow pool. They too receive their own prizes with a separate award ceremony.

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